The most recent "Recent work" is actually in the Morocco 2023 collection in Cityscapes and Travel.  There's also the Kenya 2023 and Lentorre Lodge collections on the Wildlife page, highlighting another trip to Kenya.  Please have a look at those in addition to what's below.
This page is intended to be used for sharing of the most recent adventures, and a staging area for images to ripen with the anticipation of being selected to one of the permanent portfolios.  As a result, expect a mixture of subject matter and treatments as images come and go as part of this filtering process.
I've continued with impressionistic work (see Montages in the Odds&Sods folder) based here on images from Africa.  Many of the animal portraits lend themselves to enrichment from texture overlays and such.  The goal is to strengthen my attempts to convey more of what I felt (or how I feel) about the subject rather than only what I saw.
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