These images are the output of a trip in August with Federico Veronesi once again.  I managed to sneak this in between the delta and omicron waves of Covid-19.  The trip spent a few days in the eastern plain followed by the northwest near the Mara River.  We saw quite a few serval cats (thanks to Shaban), and there were three lionesses (likely sisters) close to each other along a stretch of a river, all with cubs (4, 4 and 2).  Several leopard sightings as well, with the highlight being a mom with 2 cubs one evening just before sunset.  Sadly she took the cubs to a forested river bank where all the guides knew there were hyenas.  The next day we found the mom in the forest calling for the cubs, but the hyenas had done their nasty work; very distressing.
The best of these will gradually be absorbed into the main galleries.
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